Spring Chickens

At Moon Rabbit Micro Farm, we believe that the relationship we have to our food is fundamental. As we reclaim our various food traditions and participate in aspects of growing, tending, preparing and preserving some of what we eat, we deepen our understanding of the value and preciousness of food. As we cover over non-native (and thirsty) lawns with a variety of beautiful, tasty, and helpful plants, we let go of unrealistic (and unsustainable) expectations of what our homes and gardens are supposed to look like. As we nurture farm animals, we appreciate the emotional lives of our food and the deeply somber work of raising and harvesting life to feed other life. 

We look forward to sharing some of what we've learned and grow with you. 


Our Animals

We raise a small flock of various chickens (including Black-laced Wyandotte, New Hampshire Red, and Welsummer hens) for their daily gifts of eggs. Our .25 acre lot also supports a small herd of American Chinchilla and New Zealand Rabbits, which produce high-quality and delicious meat and fur. Contact us to be notified when eggs and rabbit meat are available for sale.

Our Crops

In 2018, we're raising a small but select number of vegetable crops and herbs. Specifically: Anishinabe red calico corn, sema (tobacco), Gete Akosiman squash, Seneca sunflowers, and Potawatomi pole beans. These crops have been stewarded by the Anishinabek people for generations, and are part of our native Potawatomi heritage.

Herbs include basil, mint, lemon balm, lavender, tarragon and thyme. These crops benefit from the home-grown chicken and rabbit manures that build our clay-heavy and dry soils.

Our Kitchen

This year's kitchen magic will include: sourdough, kombucha, fruit preserves, herbal concoctions and teas, yogurt, and our expanding repertoire of native foods. We look forward to sharing our favorite recipes and resources with you via a soon-to-be-launched blog, and our regular hands-on workshops